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Paldo Bibim Myeun is basically a spicy Korean brothless ramen variety. It is a type of cold noodles. Paldo Bibim Myun instant noodles is also known as the world’s first spread & stir instant noodles. It comes with spicy and sweet seasonings.

The contents of this packet are enough to make a chewy and spicy Bibimen ramyeon in a very few minutes. It is a type of Korean noodle that has a very chewy texture that you can enjoy!


  • It is made of Wheat flour and starch. Memil soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour. Kongguksu are soybean noodles served in a soymilk-based broth.

Cook Note:

  • First boil the noodles, and cool it with running water and ice, mix with the spicy sauce packet, serve and enjoy.


Shipping Policy

For Local Deliveries - 1 to 2 hours delivery time.

Monday to Saturday

Cut Off Time: 8am to 5pm                                                                               

Cut Off Dates: Monday to Saturday

Cut Off Delivery Time: 8am to 6pm


 NO DELIVERY                                                                                                  

  Orders from 5pm onwards will be delivered the next day 8am to 11am.

For Manila Shipping 1-4 Business Days

For Provincial Shipping 3-6 Business Days

Return Policy

If the items are proven to be defective and damaged. Feel free to contact our customer care:, or contact us: (047) 250-2917

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